PE ending bar

PE ending bar for ending, hanging up, and anchoring of PENEFOL 650, 750, and 800 waterproofing membranes.

In order not to get a drop of water under the waterproofing membrane, it must be properly laid. As a result, the PE termination bars are general-purpose tools for closing, hanging, and anchoring PENEFOL® 650, 750 and 800 foils. The bar is reinforced with perforated galvanized sheet metal with PENEFOL® foil welded on both sides. Its total thickness is 3.5 - 4.0 mm. The bar can be bent into simple L or Z shapes to create, for example, the following: drip bars, termination of LITHOPLAST® INSTAL studded membrane, sealing of a straight foil on the wall, etc.

The bar can be anchored to the construction with subsequent welding of the PENEFOL® waterproofing foil with a hot air gun and roller pressure. This enables to use the PENEFOL® foil to create a firm and anchored edge of the insulation tub. The welding joints can be locked with a Mastersil binder.

To finish the studded membranes placed on the vertical wall to the level of the terrain, Z-shaped PVC ending bars are used. We will be pleased to produce them as a custom order within 5 working days.

The PE ending bar is used to terminate, suspend or anchor PENEFOL® mwmbrane and LITHOPLAST® INSTAL studded membrane. We can bend it in different shapes upon your order. Thanks to this versatility it can be used for example as a drip bar.

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