Corner fitting

Corner fitting is used to lock the water-tight welds on PENEFOL® 650, 750 or 800 in right-angle corners of insulation structure.

Thoroughly secure each inside of an insulating tub is the main task of a corner fitting. Use it as a waterproof seal of membrane welds of PENEFOL® 650, 750 or 800 membranes.

How to work with a corner fitting

  1. The fitting base should be firm and straight from all three sides.
  2. After the assembly and welding of the waterproofing membrane in the angle of the insulation structure the fitting should be welded.
  3. A hot-air gun Leister should be used for welding along the total fitting perimeter. Simultaneously press the roller.
  4. The welding joints can be locked with a Mastersil binder.

The fitting has no sharp angles, because this would lead to small diameters during the assembly of the PENEFOL® waterproofing membrane.

To secure the welds of the corners, cover them with a corner fitting. This makes sure that there is no leakage around the corner.

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