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  2. LITHOSEPAR - PE Vapor Barrier

LITHOSEPAR - PE Vapor Barrier

There is a risk of water penetration not only from the outside. The construction structure can also "be damped" from the inside. How is that possible? Water vapor penetrates the walls from the interior and condenses in the structure.

This is why we also offer moisture barriers that prevent this risk. These are polyethylene foils of thickness of 0.1 - 0.2 mm, which are suitable as a moisture barrier for floating floors and as a separating layer.

Other possible applications include anhydrite and foam-concrete floors in industrial buildings. Due to its multi-purpose character it can be used also in the construction industry as a covering membrane, or in gardening for membrane tunnels.

The moisture barrier is folded in a roll as a half-hose with an area of 100m2. It is produced in the Czech Republic.