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  2. PENEFOL® – LDPE / HPDE waterproofing membranes

PENEFOL® – LDPE / HPDE waterproofing membranes

PENEFOL® is a smooth polyethylene waterproofing membrane used mainly for houses insulation, various washers and seals. We produce it from low and high density polyethylene:

  • Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) - PENEFOL® 500 - 900 LDPE membrane (Density of polyethylene is defined in name - etc. PENEFOL® 500 = 500 kg/m3)
  • High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) - PENEFOL® 950 HDPE membrane (Density of polyethylene is 950 kg/m3)

PENEFOL® polyethylene waterproofing membranes protect against radon, water, dump, petroleum substances, chemical and waste materials. In addition to its classical use for house insulation it can be used for insulation of slab foundations, landfills, walls and horizontal building structures.

Do not be limited in shape and color. You can also use the membrane in different cut-outs in which we are specialists. The standard black membrane can also be supplied in a yellow-green version. The environmentally friendly PENEFOL® 500 T is white.

Other possible use: textile and leather manufacturing industry, manufacture of sports accessories, protectors, and bags, tree protection, packaging material.

All of the PENEFOL® polyethylene waterproofing membranes are made in the Czech Republic.