Well-tried LDPE membrane, especially made for use in railway construction.

PENEFOL ® 900 is a long-term well-tried durable membrane supplied for railway construction, especially in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It can also be used to produce various washers or seals from it.

Well-tried quality

You can rely on PENEFOL ® 900. The foil is made in the Czech Republic. We have qualified for ISO 9001. Thanks to its excellent price/performance ratio, PENEFOL ® 900 is an obvious alternative to rail construction.

PENEFOL® 900 LDPE membranes are mainly used for:

  • cut-outs and reinforcements, leather, sports, automotive, and furniture industry,
  • packaging and protective material,
  • various cut-outs and sealing,
  • plates of specific dimensions for various uses.

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