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  2. LITHOPLAST® – HDPE studded membranes

LITHOPLAST® – HDPE studded membranes

LITHOPLAST® is a high density polyethylene (HDPE) studded membrane with volumetric weight 950 kg/m3 that is used in the construction industry. LITHOPLAST® studded membranes are shaped, waterproofing, anti-radon, perforated, remediation, protective. LITHOPLAST® studded membranes are used (according to the type) for balcony insulation, remediation (permanent ventilation) of damp masonry, hidden casing, green roof layer, horizontal and vertical waterproofing, anti-radon insulation. The membrane is black and each type has a different stud size and spacing. LITHOPLAST® studded membranes are made in the Czech Republic.