HDPE air gap membrane for wet masonry remediation.

The LITHOPLAST® SANA vacuum-formed air gap membrane serves as a protection against vertical waterproofing. It fully replaces the classic reinforcing insulating masonry.

In addition, it is used to remediate the exterior basement structures and foundations. It is a very popular way of reconstruction, because it is not necessary to undercut the house. The air gap is simply placed against the outer side of the house to the dug. LITHOPLAST® SANA creates an air gap between the building structure and the insulation. This reduces or completely removes the moisture content from the building structure. LITHOPLAST® SANA air gap can also be used to redevelop the walls and floors in the interior.

Czech Quality

The membrane for redevelopment of damp masonry as well as our other insulating membranes are made in the Czech Republic.

LITHOPLAST® SANA air gap is suitable as:

  • ventilation foils for redevelopment of damp masonry in exterior and interior,
  • vertical drainage wall,
  • protection of vertical insulation replacing standard insulating reinforcing masonry,
  • hidden casing,
  • tree protection.
Materiál polyetylen HDPE
Objemová hmotnost 950 ± 50 kg/m3
Barva černá
Odolnost proti statickému zatížení metoda B, vyhovuje při 20 kg
Tvarová stálost -20 °C až + 70 °C
Reakce na oheň F
Označení 15/0,8/1400
Typ role
Tloušťka výchozí folie [mm] 0,8 ± 10 %
Šířka role / desky [mm] 1400 ± 2 %
Délka role / desky [mm] 20 ± 2,5 %
Výška kopulek [mm] 13
Objem vzduchu v kopulkách [l/m2] 3,5
Objem vzduchu mezery [l/m2] 9,5
Pevnost v tlaku [N/mm2] 0,33
Balení [m2/role] 28,0
Plošná hmotnost [kg/m2] 0,76
Hmotnost balení [kg] 21

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