HDPE perforated studded membrane suitable for drainage.

The LITHOPLAST® PERFOR polyethylene studded membrane, studs are perforated at the top and thus they do not hold water. Therefore, this membrane is used as a drainage layer of open balconies and terraces, flat roofs, roof car parks, wet manufacturing areas etc.


The studded membrane creates domed cavities between the water-tight insulation and protective layers. The water that slips through the tiles and its supporting layer flows into the stud domes. These are perforated at the bottom, so that the water runs freely through the bottom insulation out of the structure or into the internal inlets. The insulation must be sloped to the properly connected drainage.

Quality from the Czech Republic

LITHOPLAST® PERFOR foils are among the proven LITHOPLAST® studded membrane series. The membranes are produced in the Czech Republic in Žďár nad Sázavou.

LITHOPLAST® PERFOR is most commonly used as a drainage layer of:

  • open balconies, terraces, and flat roofs,
  • roof car parks.

You will also use it in wet production areas such as:

  • showers,
  • pools,
  • breweries,
  • soft drinks companies,
  • dairies.
Material polyetylen HDPE
Volumetric weight 950 ± 50 kg/m3
Color black
Resistance against static load method B, meets requirements at 20 kg
Thermal stability -20 °C až + 70 °C
Flammability F
Označení 10/0,8/1400
Typ role
Tloušťka výchozí folie [mm] 0,8 ± 10 %
Šířka role / desky [mm] 1400 ± 2 %
Délka role / desky [mm] 20 ± 2,5 %
Výška kopulek [mm] 9
Objem vzduchu v kopulkách [l/m2] 3
Objem vzduchu mezery [l/m2] 5
Pevnost v tlaku [N/mm2] 0,23
Balení [m2/role] 28,0
Plošná hmotnost [kg/m2] 0,76
Hmotnost balení [kg] 21

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