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Izolace střech Foundation insulation
Izolace střech Balcony and terrace insulation
Izolace střech Green roof insulation

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Izolace střech Foil Cut-outs
Izolace střech Washers for Railways
Izolace střech Blow Molding of Plastic Parts
  • LITHOPLAST studded membranes help keep the grass strips moist in the tram track

    LITHOPLAST studded membranes are an excellent helper for maintaining the moisture of grass strips. At present, they are considered during the reconstruction of the public transport track in Ostrava, Czech Republic.

  • Do you use ArchiCAD, Revit, AutoCAD or other construction management software?

    We have for you new add-on to software designed by the Czech company BIM Technology.


Our Products

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Penefol PENEFOL®
PE waterproofing membrane
Lithoplast LITHOPLAST®
PE studded membrane
PE Vapor Barrier
Ostatni PE Ostatní PE folie

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We are a Czech company and we focus on the production of waterproofing membranes, cuts of PE foils and blown plastic parts.

We can assume that in the hydro insulation is just one fault, and the consequences for the construction can be fatal. That's why we pay close attention to the high quality of the materials used and the precise adherence to all manufacturing processes. Our flagships are PENEFOL® smooth polyethylene membranes and LITHOPLAST® polyethylene studded membranes.

We also produce cuts of PE foils and blown plastic parts. Thanks to our specialized machines, we can also help with non-traditional shaped products, even for fewer pieces. The small series is not a problem. Our products will be used in the construction, textile, leather, sports and automotive industries.

In addition to our own production we also deal with the distribution of geotextiles, drainage mats, PVC foils and other insulating materials.

We are holders of the quality system certificate according to EN ISO 9001.

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