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Blow molding of plastic parts

Small batches

Do you need to produce just a few pieces of plastic parts? You are right with us. Whether it's blowing or injection, we can make plastic production even in small batches of 50 pieces.

Unusual products

Thanks to our special machines, we can handle unusual shapes. If you need to, metal and plastic components can be placed into molds during production. We will also take care of product completion including drilling and cutting. Our molds are variable. Each one can be used to produce several different products.

Mold manufacture

We will make plastics according to your own mold or we will prepare a new one. We will help you with the whole process from designing a new product through mold production to refining reference samples.


In order not to waste your time in the factory with the assembly of individual parts, we will arrange it right for you. Simply enter the parameters of the plastic assembly and we will take care of the production of its components and assembly.

More than 20 years of experience

We have been manufacturing blow molding plastic products since 1996. We have a lot of experience in the industry and we are used to adapting to diverse customer requirements.

Production in the Czech Republic

Forget about China. We produce plastic parts exclusively in the Czech Republic. The plastic production is in Lanžhot in South Moravia.

Where can our products be used?



(liquid and expansion vessels, washers, petrol containers)


(children's garden tools)



(specialized equipment)



(technical parts)