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Polyethylene Washers for Railways

We will give you the cutouts that act as a damping element in the construction of the rail upholstery and crossings.

We are specialists in foil cut-outs


Size and type on Demand

Are you just a couple of frets? Not a problem. We will produce a series of 50 pieces. And we can also advise with big series.

Proven Quality

SŽDC, general company for built railwais in the Czech Republic has long been trying to rely on the quality of our cuts. Therefore, they prefer when the suppliers of railway constructions use cuts from us.

Experience with Railways

We have been producing the foils and cuts since 1996 and during that time we have a lot of experience with the railway environment. That's why we know exactly what customers need in this industry.

Made in the Czech Republic

First we create the foil in Žďár nad Sázavou (Czech Republic) and then we make cuts. We have the entire production process under control and therefore we can guarantee high quality.