LDPE vapor barrier and damp proof membrane.

In floor structures the PENEFOL® 500 polyethylene membrane can be used as a separation layer separating the thermal insulation from other processes supported by fluid. In ventilated two-sheath roof structures, the membrane can be applied under the roof covers from roof tiles, metal sheet, and Beronit.

White color (not only) for the food industry

PENEFOL® 500 LDPE membrane is produced in black and white. The white one PENEFOL®  T 500 is health-conscious and is therefore a suitable material for cut-outs used for example in haberdashery, bag making, textile and sports manufacturing industry. The cut-outs can be used as reinforcements for various accessories and protectors, or as a seal. PENEFOL® 500 LDPE membrane can be also used as a packaging and protective material. The base width of the membrane is 1.400 mm. It can be divided into smaller stripes, if necessary. The LDPE membrane must be always protected against UV light.

Produced in the Czech Republic

The Czech PENEFOL® 500 vapor barrier and damp proof membrane is a part of the PENEFOL® popular product line. It has become the builders and designers’ favorite because of its quality, high durability, and favorable price. The ISO 9001 certificate testifies the good quality of our production.

In construction, PENEFOL® 500 is used as:

  • a separation layer in the floor structure that separates the thermal insulation,
  • alternative of roofing paper under the roof covers,
  • mat supporting sole plates of a railway surface.

In addition, PENEFOL® 500 vapor barrier and damp proof membrane can be further used as:

  • cut-outs and reinforcements, leather, sports, automotive, and furniture industry,
  • identification foil for cables, pipelines, and other wiring in the ground (color as agreed) marking, 
  • sealing into various closures of beauty products and the food industry (white design is health-conscious),
  • tree protection,
  • packaging and protective material,
  • filling in transport cages, trolleys, and waste containers.
Material Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
Volumetric weight 500 ± 90 kg/m3
Color black, yellow, white
Elongation min. 100 %
Tensile strength min. 3 N/mm2, 150 N/50 mm (th. 1 mm)
Resistance against static load method B, meets requirements at 20 kg
Water-tightness method B,  meets requirements at 60 kPa (tl. 1mm)
Skid resistance diameter 157,4 N/50 mm (tl. 1 mm)
Equiv. dif. thickness sd diameter 115 m (th. 1 mm)
Cold flex temperature in flexion -20°C without cracks
Straightness meets requirements
Dimensional stability ± 1 %
Thermal resistance  -20 °C až + 70 °C
Flammability F
Volume resistivity 1.6*1015 Ωm (th. 1 mm)
Width [mm] 1000/1400 1000/1400 1000/1400 1000/1400
Thickness [mm] 0,8 1,0 1,5 2,0
Length [m] 50 50 50/40 30
Package [m2/roll] 50/70 50/70 50/56 30/42
Surface density [kg/m2] 0,4 0,5 0,75 1
Weight of package [kg] 20/28 25/35 38/42 30/42

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