Well-tried LDPE membrane protects against chemical, radon and aggressive ground water.

PENEFOL ® 800 is a long-term proven chemically resistant membrane. It is commonly used as a radon barrier up to medium risk.The most commonly used thickness is from 1.5 to 2.0 mm. To correctly determine the specific value, you need to make a calculation based on the radon index measurement and the layout of living rooms in the basement or on the ground floor - that is, on the floor that comes into contact with the soil. Based on the measurement results, we recommend a suitable membrane.

The PENEFOL ® 800 LDPE membrane is also used as a good waterproofing of the house. It is solid and serves as a barrier against aggressive groundwater and against the growth of roots.

PENEFOL ® 800 in practice

Insert LDPE membrane into the structure. Protect its both sides with IZOLTECH H geotextile to avoid UV light. Individual strips are connected exclusively by hot-air or hot-wedge welding, without use of open flames.

Well-tried quality

You can rely on PENEFOL ® 800. The membrane is made in the Czech Republic. We have qualified for ISO 9001. Thanks to its excellent price/performance ratio, PENEFOL ® 800 has become one of our best-selling membranes.

In construction, PENEFOL® 800 is used as:

  • waterproofing of bottom structures at or below the ground level,
  • waterproofing and insulation against aggressive water and radon (up to medium risk),
  • anti-corrosion protection of concrete and ferroconcrete constructions,
  • protection against leakage of silage gutters and fertilizers, chemical tubs in production plants and warehouses,
  • landfill restoration.

In addition, PENEFOL® 800 waterproofing LDPE membrane can be further used as:

  • cut-outs and reinforcements, leather, sports, automotive, and furniture industry,
  • packaging and protective material,
  • various cut-outs and sealing,
  • plates of specific dimensions for various uses.
Material Low Density Polyethylen (LDPE)
Volumetric weight 800 ± 50 kg/m3
Color black, yellow
Elongation min. 230 %
Tensile strength min. 7 N/mm2, 300 N/50 mm (th. 1 mm)
Resistance against static load method B, meets requirements at 20 kg
Water-tightness method B,  meets requirements at 60 kPa (tl. 1mm)
Odolnost proti nárazu method A - 500 mm, methodB - 350 mm
Skid resistance diameter 336,6 N/50 mm (th. 1 mm)
Equiv. dif. thickness sd diameter 148 m (th. 1 mm)
Cold flex temperature in flexion -20°C without cracks
Straightness meets requirements
Dimensional stability ± 1 %
Thermal resistance -20 °C to + 70 °C
Flammability F
Coefficient of radon diffusion K124/02/95, 10.10-12 ± 1,0.10-12 m2/s
Width [mm] 1000/1400 1000/1400 1000/1400 1000/1400 1000/1400
Thickness [mm] 0,6 1,0 1,2 1,5 2,0
Length [m] 100 50 50 50/40 30
Package [m2/roll] 100/140 50/70 50/70 50/56 30/42
Surface density [kg/m2] 0,48 0,80 0,96 1,20 1,60
Weight of package [kg] 48/67 40/56 48/67 60/67 48/67

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