Angle fitting

Angle fitting is used to lock the water-tight welds of waterproofing membranes in right-angle angle of the insulation structure.

Thanks to the corner fitting, it will no longer happen that the PENEFOL® 650, 750 or 800 will become leaked due to imperfect welding. It is covered with a corner fitting and water will remain outside.

How to work with a corner fitting

  1. Place a waterproofing membrane.
  2. Place the filling on a 3-sided firm and flat surface.
  3. Attach the fitting to the corner detail.
  4. A hot-air gun Leister should be used for welding along the total fitting perimeter. Simultaneously press the roller.
  5. The welding joints can be locked with a Mastersil binder.

The fitting has no sharp angles, because this would lead to small diameters during the assembly of PENEFOL® waterproofing membrane.

The corner fitting ensures that the waterproofing will work perfectly even in the corners of the building.

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