Chemically resistant insulation reservoirs

Whether you build a gas station, biogas or municipal landfill, one thing is clear. Nothing can leak, otherwise there is a serious risk of environmental pollution. 

What to avoid

In the case of reservoirs, silage gutters or industrial tanks, it is necessary to realize that not every waterproofing is appropriate. Only a chemically resistant foil can be used. In addition to chemicals, the foil must insulate against:
●    water,
●    radon,
●    and against plant roots.

Chemically resistant insulation of pits, silage gutters, and chemical reservoirs

Chemically resistant PENEFOL® 950 polyethylene waterproofing membrane is suitable for waterproofing of:
●    garbage dumps,
●    chemical baths,
●    gas stations,
●    emergency and intercepting traps,
●    reservoirs for sludge storage,
●    silage gutters.

PENEFOL® 950 is resistant against:
●    acids, 
●    alkali substances,
●    salts,
●    and oil and chemical products.

Therefore, this HDPE waterproofing film is used, for example, to duplicate fuel station tanks. It also protects against high radon risk.

If you need to insulate the municipal waste dumps, choose the foil in thickness 1.5-2.0 mm.

Always insert PENEFOL® 950 into the structure to avoid UV light. Weld the foil with hot air or hot wedge without using an open flame. Protect both sides of waterproofing with geotextile.