Corner profile

A corner profile is used to reinforce sharp corners and angles of the waterproofing system made of PENEFOL® membrane or LITHOPLAST® studded membrane.

Plastic grooved strip of PENEFOL® 750 protects the waterproofing in sharp corners against damage. The strip can be bent to create a continuous L profile.

In addition to protecting the waterproofing, the corner profile is used as an assembly part for anchoring. Moreover, it can be used for ending of studded membrane LITHOPLAST® for masonry or floors. This concerns primarily foil with studs with height of 40; 60; 80 mm. The profile cannot be used as a separate waterproofing element.

Weld the profile with PENEFOL® waterproof insulation with hot air and roller pressing.

Use the corner profile as:

  • double protection of sharp edges,
  • ending of studded membrane LITHOPLAST®,
  • assembly part for anchoring.

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