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PetexDren - Drainage Mats

The PetexDren geotextile mat is used for the draining and separation of ground structures in roadway construction, for dewatering, and as anti-erosion protection of slopes.

PetexDren drainage mats are made up of a 3D polyethylene fiber structure. They are characterized by high permeability and lightness. Thanks to that the laying is fast and easy. PetexDren can be used in construction as a drainage material or a filtration and separation layer.

Two versions are offered: PetexDrenu 400 and 900. The first one has excellent drainage and separating properties. In addition, the PetexDren 900 is also used to separate two layers of soil or other construction material.

It is applied in roof garden structures directly on the studded membrane. This will prevent soil penetration into the studs.

PetexDren geotextile mats can be used in many various areas.

Roadway structures:

  • For draining and separation of roadway ground structures.
  • For draining and reinforcement of the body with subsoil.
  • For drainage of tunnel lining.
  • For drainage of the back side of support walls.
  • For use as walking and driving surfaces.
  • For anti-erosion protection of slopes.
  • For protection of drains.

Water management structures:

  • As drainage under the sealing.
  • For protection of sides and bed of rivers and channels against erosion.
  • For protection of biologic treatment stations.

Environmental structures:

  • For protection of bottom of biologic treatment stations.
  • For dumps, dewatering of mud settling ponds, discharge chutes, and waste banks.

Sport buildings:

  • For drainage of large areas.
  • To reinforce surface layers covered with grass.

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